About Us

What is Fukatsoft?

Fukatsoft is a platform that sows a seed in (_date_). This platform marks up from research and development efforts in advanced IT areas including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Video Graphics and ERP Systems. Fukatsoft also provides its services for Online Learning Systems. We have a team of best consultants, professionals, IT developers, hardworking and cooperative instructors. Furthermore, we provide latest information and technology news through our blogs.


Our vision is to impart IT solutions and trainings in advanced fields of Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems.


Our mission samples into two things which are, getting positive impression from clients through our efforts and try our best to support our clients at every point related to their technical forum problems.


  • Develop computer vision and audio processing based solutions for real-time problems.
  • Develop advanced solutions for bio informatics.
  • Implement autonomous embedded solutions.
  • Establish the best ERP System Environment.
  • Reliable and User-Friendly Learning System
  • Authentic and Updated Technical Knowledge.
  • Provide advanced IT Training Courses.

Working Areas:

We proficiently deal in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Audio Processing, Natural Language Processing, Bio Informatics, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Online Courses, Blogs and other IT Products.