The Lab aims to provide a national bioinformatics information network designed to cater for the inter-disciplinary and collaborative research needs of the research/scientific community and the industry with the following main objectives. To build an integrated information resource platform, prepare databases of biological data and to develop relevant analysis tools and techniques. To develop, support and enhance the public information resources for biology in Pakistan, e.g., Genbank, PubMed, molecular biology data and related research information resources. To develop appropriate and extensible data models for storing, retrieving and manipulating biological data. To develop and maintain quality control and uniform standards for ensuring interoperability. To design biological ontologies and use a controlled vocabulary (e.g., keywords and synonyms) and text strings in intelligent data searches. To ensure that the integrity and provenance of information in the database. The database shall be updated at least once a month to incorporate the most recent information and data. To establish strong research collaboration and link with the scientific community.

Projects Completed

The group has made available dome public domain biological resources such as Genbank through the intranet.

  1. Development of an extensible data model
  2. Development of the prototype-based software development methodology for bioinformatics
  3. Proposing metrics to evaluate Data Provenance
  4. Methodology for bioinformatics
  5. Proposing metrics to evaluate Data Provenance.
Posted on: April 15, 2020