Crowd density and count analysis using drone

We are working on a project named ‘Crowd Counting’. In this project, an estimated count of people in the crowd/public gathering will be predicted on the basis of captured images. This system will take a real time image from a quadcopter having a built in camera and will predict the number of persons in the captured image.

Smart Advertisement Playing System based on Gender and Age group of Audience

The project named ‘Audience based advertisement’ will advertise different products on the basis of Age and Gender of the audience standing in front of advertisement LED placed in shopping malls etc. This system will get an image of audience using built-in camera and then it will predict Age and Gender of the audience and will advertise an appropriate product on the basis of type of audience. For Example, predicted age of audience is less than 15 years, system will advertise chocolates, candies etc.

Face Recognition Based Door Lock System

Our team is developing a face recognition based face door lock system. It has 2 versions, one is developed on raspberry-pi and other one is using Jetson Nano. Our device is linked with door lock to operate with camera. Raspberry version is designed to provide cheaper and minimal version of face base door lock. On the other hand, Jetson version of our device is full version which is integrate able with HR payroll system, web based admin panel and online pdf reports of user entry of specific dates and time.

Autonomous Mobile Surveillance Robot

Developing autonomous robot for surveillance with project name “Automate ground vehicle” Robot will use sensors like realsense and RGB camera and that stream will be processed to detect different suspicious activities. Pre-build AutoCAD map of the place with Google map and GPS map will be used for autonomous navigation. As pilot project, robot is being developed for surveillance within UET.