Virtual Reality

Police Training System Using Virtual Reality

Using this system we can train police officers, how they should engage in a dangerous situations. We can monitor their motion and responses with the system. System consists of two modules, VR(virtual reality) and supportive hardware. Using VR we can provide officers different environments with different tasks. Difficulty of the tasks can also be controlled, to help them learn gradually. Using the hardware module we can ensure that the environment and the situation feels authentic. During the mission if any officers gets a hit with something then to ensure the authenticity of the situation the supportive hardware will hit him with a small jerk. The system is currently under development.

Police Training System Using Virtual Reality

Scoliosis Detection

This application detects possible presence of scoliosis (a condition which adds abnormal curvature to the spine) in a subject based on his standing and/or walking posture. Depth sensor technology is used to detect a person’s body frame and calculate different angles between shoulders, neck and spinal column. These angles then help to decide the presence or absence of scoliosis using machine learning.

Self-Learning Gait Recognition for Security Installations and Access Control Systems

After facial recognition, gait recognition for identification of a person is being explored and implemented in some places. We have developed a hybrid system of these two technologies which, in addition, is capable of learning and improving its accuracy on the go. This feature can be deployed in any existing surveillance or access control system.

Motion Analysis of Sportsmen for Calculating Performance Measure

Sports franchises invest a lot in training their athletes. Use of latest technology for this purpose is also very common. We have developed a system for capturing motion of athletes during training and analyzing that data to find out any shortcomings and imperfections. Our system uses Kinect depth image to compute different parameters of the athlete’s selected joints. These parameters are passed through certain algorithms to process them and formulate results on their basis. Some parameters like range of motion, speed and balance can be analyzed in real time. But for comparison to be performed between motions, data is first recorded and stored and then processed for accurate results. The system can be easily deployed and implemented to provide a very valuable insight into the dynamics of a sport and help an athlete in improving his form.

VR based Neurogaming for Mindfulness in Children and ADHD patients

Games have been designed for children and patients suffering from Attention deficit hyper activity disorder (ADHD). These games based on attention and meditation values to improve children cognitive abilities such as memory span, attention and time management. Neurosky headset have been used for EEG signals that are integrated in game. This brain-controlled game consists of multiple levels that can be controlled using user’s cognitive features.

Developed Games and Description

 1. Spatial Memory Game

  • Aim of this game is to increase user attention and memory.
  • Puzzle will be flipped when user enters in Meditation and attention phase.
  • For entering in meditation phase, meditation level should be 50 and persist for 5 seconds, otherwise meditation phase is cancelled.
  • After that, it will enter in attention phase. For which attention level should be greater than 50.
  • Player have to memorize puzzles and matching can be done using mouse click. On every match, 1 score is added. (add video)

2. Neuro Basket Ball

  • Movement of basketball can be controlled by user’s Attention level.
  • Greater the attention, ball will move upward more quickly.
  • In case of decrease in attention level, ball will start to move down(add video)

3. Fairy Monster Hunter

  • To shoot, Attention level should be greater than 30
  • Meditation control the fire rate. Greater the meditation, more enemies will be destroyed.
  • Right and left keyboard keys are used to move the Fairy right or left respectively.