Person Identification and Re-identification

Person Identification and Re-identification

Occupational based Person of interest re-identification to classify and track different occupational people on basis of their appearance.This system consists of three main functionalities including:

  • Identification of person
  • Re-identification
  • Person tracking and data-logging

Person is identified with respect to its clothing and of which occupation that person belongs to; it will identify that person to be in that specific profession. There are many times when people are oblivious about presence of anomalous person in scene, or someone who was not supposed to be there, such identification can help us in identifying people and managing them accordingly. The project targets five categories including; army, doctor, imam, police and molvi.

a)- Person Re-Identification


When a person is identified, there is no specific track of that person to where that person is going. System needs to keep a track of that person and needs to store its appearance in database for further identification. This is really helpful in assigning id to specific person and keeping track over it, with a network of cameras.

b)- Person Tagging


Person tagging is really helpful when u find someone suspicions and you want to keep an eye over it for further investigation and surveillance. Person tagging tracks that specific person and ,keeps the track of that person in all network of cameras , maintaining a time log of that person.

Posted on: May 7, 2020