Spray on Crops using AI Drone

Spray on Crops using AI Drone

FukatSoft, a company, now endeavors to address these crucial issues that the agricultural sector is facing. Already, it has covered about 5,000 acres of crops by targeted spraying of pesticides and fertilizers in Lahore and other cities.

Figure 1: Crops Image
“The farmers are suffering yield losses due to inadequate or improper fertilizer application. If you do more of this, it could impact soil health as well. We can tell apart a healthy plant from an unhealthy one.

Founded by a team of Pakistani UET Lahore Alumni, the company developed an intelligent, autonomous spraying drone targeted at agriculture. Using drones that can cover 40 km in an hour in low altitudes, the company gathers data and takes a few hours to analyses and map the crops for pesticide and/or fertilizer sprays. Another drone, taking the payload with it, does the spraying, using a predefined route.

The company used similar techniques to help the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) identify larvae population in lakes and helped reduce spraying instances, saving time and money.

With RGB (red, green blue), hyper, multi-spectral cameras and powerful sensors tucked under its belly, the drone gathers huge amounts of data, analyses it to map nutrition deficiencies and diseases in a particular field. It then makes a guided sortie with the required payload and sprays the required amounts in targeted areas. And we take images of that area and send to application. With the help of application, we can see these targeted areas and also we shown these statistics in tabular or graphical view. The drone can make a low-altitude (as low as 5-6 ft.) flight to make targeted spray in a particular area.

Figure 2: Spray on crops via AI drone
Figure 3: Data gathering from crops
For input manufacturers, the company is also selling data that they gather while working on the fields. “What we need is large amounts of data and machine learning tools to make the solution work better,” CEO FukatSoft said.

CEO Fukatsoft says the data gathered by drones can be very useful to assess the risks and losses on farms that are insured or those who have applied for insurance.

“The Prime Minister of Pakistan makes it mandatory to use exponential technology, including remote sensing, in addition to drone imaging, to detect fraudulent claims and discrepancies,” he pointed out.

“Farmers can make insurance claims by capturing drone feeds as evidence. The data is useful for insurance companies too to estimate damages and cross-check the claims,” CEO FukatSoft said.

Posted on: June 18, 2020