Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive technology and has multiple computer applications in which humans can interface and interact with computer-generated environments in a way that mimics real life activities. The aim of Virtual Reality lab is to provide VR services in education, health and security sector. In our lab, we have developed several VR projects such as VR based Neurogaming for mindfulness in children and ADHD patients, VR games for phobias treatment, Virtual couch for athletes, Police training system, and Virtual simulations of electronics circuitry for students and wrong car parking simulator trainings.

  1. Our aim is to introduce innovative VR based applications which can enhance cognitive skills among kids and can provide multiple virtual trainings for students in education sector such as Virtual science experiments and Virtual AC/DC simulators.
  2. Our immersive VR based Neurogames monitor the ADHD patient and enhance their cognitive abilities such as memory, time management, focus and attention levels.
  3. We have designed immersive virtual environments for treatment of various phobia in which patients can overcome their fears such as height phobia and darkness phobia and also allow them to monitor their pulse rate.
  4. We have developed virtual training simulators for police officers which helps them to handle dangerous equipment. Our systems can monitor their effectiveness and response time during different tasks.
  5. We have developed virtual couch that captures the motion of athletes during training and analyzing that data to find out any shortcomings and imperfection. This system provides a very valuable insight into the dynamics of a sport and help an athlete in improving his form.
  6. We have designed VR based simulators for electronics and wrong car parking, which train the person by providing VR based task.