VR based Neurogaming for Mindfulness in Children and ADHD patients

VR based Neurogaming for Mindfulness in Children and ADHD patients

Games have been designed for children and patients suffering from Attention deficit hyper activity disorder (ADHD). These games based on attention and meditation values to improve children cognitive abilities such as memory span, attention and time management. Neurosky headset have been used for EEG signals that are integrated in game. This brain-controlled game consists of multiple levels that can be controlled using user’s cognitive features.

Developed Games and Description

 1. Spatial Memory Game

  • Aim of this game is to increase user attention and memory.
  • Puzzle will be flipped when user enters in Meditation and attention phase.
  • For entering in meditation phase, meditation level should be 50 and persist for 5 seconds, otherwise meditation phase is cancelled.
  • After that, it will enter in attention phase. For which attention level should be greater than 50.
  • Player have to memorize puzzles and matching can be done using mouse click. On every match, 1 score is added. (add video)

2. Neuro Basket Ball

  • Movement of basketball can be controlled by user’s Attention level.
  • Greater the attention, ball will move upward more quickly.
  • In case of decrease in attention level, ball will start to move down(add video)

3. Fairy Monster Hunter

  • To shoot, Attention level should be greater than 30
  • Meditation control the fire rate. Greater the meditation, more enemies will be destroyed.
  • Right and left keyboard keys are used to move the Fairy right or left respectively.
Posted on: May 7, 2020